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Our Story

Our Story

Brave is a challenge to our community. It honors our family, those before us who took a step to be Brave. Now it’s our turn. It’s an act of defiance in the face of adversity. It’s standing up for yourself, your family, and your community.

Brave is an understanding that our struggles are connected, that my neighbor’s struggle is my own. To pledge to be Brave is to fight for what you believe in, to push back against injustice and to collectively build a country that reflects all of our values.

Brave starts with voting. But that’s just the beginning. Brave is leaning into a collective agenda that expands opportunity for this generation.

Join us in this fight. #JoinBrave and tell your friends and family to be Brave too. We have been building for this moment. Our power will be felt in November.

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Get Involved

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Ganas PSA

Ganas PSA

Voto Latino, the leading non-profit organization empowering American Latino millennials by engaging them through civic media, are premiering a new PSA ahead of the 2016 election titled, Ganas, paying homage to Jaime Escalante’s teaching legacy.

The PSA, directed by Ricardo de Montreuil (Lowriders, Mancora), features cast members of the Latino Hulu-hit show East Los High, as well as Tony Revelori (Dope, Grand Budapest Hotel) and Noel G. (Fast and the Furious franchise), playing the role of the teacher who wants his students to take stock in their future and engages them through the importance of registering to vote.

Part 1


Part 2




Brave Heroes

Brave Heroes

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